30 November 2021
Rust treatment for lift cables completed

The lift cables have had a lubricant applied to help extend their life span. The work was completed by Ideal Lifts Service Ltd.

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10 October 2021
Lift service contract awarded to Ideal Lifts Service Ltd

A new lift servicing contract has been awarded to Ideal Lifts, who originally installed the lift at Great Cliff in 2006. The new service contract will begin on 1 January 2022.

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21 September 2021
External painting starts at Great Cliff!

External painting is being carried out to the frontage and east side of the building and is expected to be completed in early 2022.

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16 September 2021
Rear balconies to Flats 14 & 19 redecorated

Following waterproofing repairs, the balconies to Flats 14 and 19 have been redecorated.

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6 September 2021
Sunken driveway repaired!

A small section of driveway, adjacent to a drain cover (on the west side car park entrance) has now been repaired.

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31 July 2021
Balcony doors refurbished

All balcony doors have been refurbished and repainted gloss white. New door closers have also been fitted.

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6 July 2021
New gardening contract awarded

A new gardening contract was awarded to Richard Farrer Gardening Services, based on a flexible contract. The business is locally based and already work with Crown Property Management Ltd. They will be working on 8hrs of work for 8 months and 4hrs of work for 4 months.

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9 April 2021
Balcony re-waterproofed

The rear balcony adjacent to Flat 19 (above Flat 14) has now been re-waterproofed by TJ Smith & Son. The works included: To erect scaffold and strip on completion To repair isolated Asphalt  To remove railings and replace on completion To lift copings inlay damp proof detailing and replace copings on completion To repair ceiling […]

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