Long Awaited Cliff Face Report Received!

5 June 2024

Following a cliff fall in early December 2023, a Geotechnical Inspection was carried out on behalf of Teignbridge District Council (TDC) on the 19 March 2024, with the Surveyors Report submitted on 4 June 2024. It appears that the rockfall was caused by an unprecedented period of stormy weather and heavy rain and it is now apparent that debris from rockfalls and soil slides is likely to impact our rockfall catcher fence at the bottom of the cliff. There is therefore, an unacceptable risk or injury to persons and damage to vehicles using the parking area and, as such TDC fenced off the parking bays at greatest risk (Nos. 1, 10,14 & 13). In addition, the Management Company - Great Cliff (Dawlish) Ltd, arranged for rockfall hazard signs to be put up, including a reminder that all cars are parked at owners' risk. TDC are only concerned with their section of the cliff which runs from the west side of the car park to the bin shed, which is within the identified risk area. The Survey Report recommends that the cliff face area owned by TDC is fully netted and that the largest tunnel affected by the rock fall is back-filled with concrete. As at June 2024, TDC have confirmed that they will be circulating the report to their senior leadership teams to identify a budget for capital works, together with programming. The Board of Great Cliff (Dawlish) Ltd will be requesting a site meeting with TDC to discuss reparations for the rock fall, the extent of the remedial works required, and likely timescales involved, to enable the car park to return back to normal use.

NB A copy of the report has been provided to our Insurers by Crown Property Management Ltd but it is currently not known if our current insurance premium will be affected.

A copy of the report can be seen by CLICKING HERE