Driveway Repaired!

25 January 2024

A serious sinkhole had occured on the west entrance to the car park, which needed investigation and remedial work. The contractor used was Sippy Construction, who reported: "The neighbouring gully and pipework has been replaced with new.  The existing gully was completely blocked, once jetted out, a camera survey was carried out on the surrounding pipes and it showed it was connected to the manhole upstream, but the pipework was all cracked and leaking. This is now connected to the manhole we are working on.  This could have been adding to the sinkhole problem. The sinkhole has been completely excavated and filled with 803 type 1 stone, and compacted in. We also lifted the nearby sunken track area to make good.  We have used ground stabilisation taram membrane to the disturbed areas and reinstated them." The driveway was re-opened on 25th January 2024.