Rear Car Park Emergency Works 2 & 3 January 2024

27 December 2023

During December, a rock-fall occurred on our rear car park, which had initially affected Car Park Space 14. Since then, Teignbridge District Council have taken an active interest in what had happened, mainly due to them being the landowner at the top of the cliff (it is not currently known who, if anyone owns the cliff face lower down).

Teignbridge District Council took the initiative to have the cliff face surveyed and, following a recommendation to undertake the cutting back of trees, they have cordoned off car park spaces (left to right) 1,10,14, 13 & 15 below the area affected. The Council's approved tree contractor HiLine attended on 2 & 3 January 2024 to undertake the initial tree works. The area is to be kept free of cars, for the time being, ready for a further survey on the cliff to make sure that it's as safe as possible.

Obviously, we will need to be flexible on car parking arrangements, until the Council have completed their investigations and works. Thank you!