Appointment/Re-appointment of Directors

19 September 2023

During September 2023, the Leaseholders of Great Cliff (Dawlish) Ltd passed a Special Resolution to amend the Articles of Association by deleting and replacing Article 19. The main points concerning the election of Directors are as follows:

  1. Nomination Forms will be sent out by post by the Company Secretary at least 49 days before the Appointment General Meeting or at least 47 days by email.
  2. Any Leaseholder may complete a Nomination Form signed by two other Members which will include a statement summary of skills and suitability for the role of Director. This must be submitted to the Company Secretary no more than 32 days before the Appointment General Meeting.
  3. The completed Nomination Forms will be sent out to the Leaseholders at least 9 days before the Appointment General Meeting.
  4. A separate vote will take place at the Appointment General Meeting for each Director being nominated, who must achieve 50% of the votes cast plus 1 to be nominated.
  5. The maximum number of Directors that can be appointed is five. Priority will be given to those with the least prior service and secondly to those with the longest tenure of the Company.
  6. Each Director holds office until the next Appointment General Meeting, which will be held at least once every 2 years.